Colored wigs like Nicki Minaj!


Nicki Minaj is my favourite rapper all the time. After “Chun-Li”, there is a big news about Nicki. On Monday, June 11, Ariana Grande who just announced her engagement announced on instagram that her new song would be released this week. A new song! And it is so excited to know that she cooperated with Nicki Minaj again! They have already cooperated for two times, “Bang Bang” in 2013 and “Side to Side” in 2016. At this time! “Bed” is coming! Can’t wait to hear!

As we know, Nicki is a songwriter/rapper and has a talent on music. she attracted many attentions with a wide variety of wigs, highly personal characteristic of rap and hip-hop music style. Today, I want to talk about her some colored wigs in her videos.

Barbie Tingz:

Barbie Tingz
Barbie Tingz

Wow! She looks so juicy! She just likes a barbie. Her yellow colored wigs are so cute and amazing. I could seldom see Nicki wear short wigs. Absolutely, it was a perfect attempt.



When this song was released, there was some bad news about Nicki Minaj. However, I didn’t believe that and was attracted by her new look in the video. It was not the first time that Nicki wore pink colored wig. Always gave me a new feeling. This colored wig was so long that it went all the way to the ground. Various braids were awesome.

Do you have the same feeling with me? I love Nicki Minaj and hope you can like her too. Thank you for reading.

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