Why choose lace front cap? A nice lace front colored wig!


As everyone knows, synthetic wigs has various kinds of color provided for people to choose. But why most of them just has lace front cap? Why they don’t have full lace cap?

First reason: convenience. Lace front cap is easier to wear than full lace cap when they both can make you have a natural head. If you want to make your wig more solid on your head, you can just sew a elastic band or some clips in the lace front cap but use a glue gun to glue the full lace wig on your head. Too much trouble!

Second reason: cheap. Why synthetic wigs are much cheaper than human hair wigs? Except the materials, the type of cap is also a reason. Lace front cap is the cheapest cap among all the kinds of caps. Many people bought synthetic wigs just for its colorful hair and cheap price. Young people often buy several colored wigs and change it everyday, so they won’t choose expensive wigs.

a fantasy synthetic lace front wig
a fantasy synthetic lace front wig

Do you want to buy a high quality and attractive colored wig? I highly recommend you a fantasy synthetic lace front wig. It has a special color, called “diamond blue”, icy pastel blues hidden beneath a royal blue, which can make you feel cool and refreshing in the hot summer. This colored wig is perfect for summer. Don’t you want to have a blue wig?

At the last, thank you for reading and hope you like it.

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