Affordable blonde synthetic wigs from


I’m back with aother wig review for you guys. Just to start off I wanna let you guys know that these wig reviews that I’m doing for synthetic wigs I’m not able to wear them all consecutively every single day.

This wig is from and I’ll basically tell you all about it. It’s just an initial review. If you wanna see how I put them on, it’s super easy. I literally just cut the lace off, apply the powder to the part. I do a little plucking. But technically I notice the knots don’t really come out that well. I do plot a little bit of baby hairs. If I put it behind my ear it looks a little bit official.

blonde wigs
blonde wigs

This specific wig is called Sunshine Lace Front Wig and it’s a middle part, which I love. I’m sure you can also twist it to the side if you want to do a side part. I also love this color. This is my favourite thing about it. In person it is definitely more like toned and stuff.

What I love most about this synthetic wigs is they come in a million different colors. That’s really cool about affordable wigs because once you find a style you like, you ca have it in any color.

Shipping on this wig is really quick. They actually sent me 3 days ago. There’s no creasing or denting. I don’t have a straightener or anything. It just came out of the box this silky and straight. It’s not tangling right now. It’s about 26 inches.

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