Coral Doll, my favorite wig. How to wear it.


Coral Doll, a synthetic wig. I love it so much that I am willing to wear it every day. Its pink and wavy style is super lovely and popular. Today, I want to share it with you and tell you how to wear it.

Coral Doll
Coral Doll

After you cut the lace, you need to make the wig more natural. What I like about this wig is that you can part it any way that you want from side to side or you can just keep it at the middle where it naturally came in. In order to make the parting look more natural, take a tweezer and tweeze off some hair. If you like the thickness of the part and you can just leave it as it is, but for me, I feel it’s more natural if you were to pluck off some hair that way it gives it more of a natural feel.

It is also important to put on a wig cap for those people who don’t know how to braid their hair. After you put on a cap, tuck all of your hair and leave no strands out. Coral Doll has 4 clips in it, one on the top, two on the side and one on the bottom. It also comes with two bands that you can clip together to help secure the wig once you have it on. It’s time to put on this wig. Throw it over your head and start from the top. Put it and move it to make the most suitable look. At last, you are being a pink beauty.

Wigs always surprises me a lot. I love them and will keep wearing them. Thank you for reading and hope you like it.

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